I am pleased to know you’d like to know more about me…

This is My Story…..


I was born in Herefordshire, England and was raised on a 100-acre farm in Wales.  Our nearest neighbor was 3 km away, and my days were spent on our lovely farm, with my two sisters, Mum and Dad.  We were surrounded by Mother Earth and her amazing beauty.  My days were spent helping to tend to our vegetable garden, the farm animals, and other farm type chores.   

At the age of nine, my parents bought a luxury sail yacht and along with my two sisters, we sailed the world for over 4 years. We had many magical adventures and were exposed to many different cultures.  During this time, we landed on the beautiful Island of Bequia in the St Vincent and the Grenadines Islands.  My parents fell in love with the island’s beauty and charm.  After taking a family vote, we decided to give Island life a try and moved there full time.

Prior to my formal education in massage and holistic therapy, I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Bequia.  I have always had an amazing connection with the human body and at an early age discovered energy healing.  The Indians call this energy “Prana” and the Chinese call it “Chi”.  With months of proper training, one can learn to channel this energy into a person’s body to help trigger the body’s natural healing system.

I decided to pursue this interest, so I moved back to the UK, enrolled at the University of Bath. While there, I began to dream of opening my own spa.  Two years later, I realized my dream and opened the first spa on the Island.

The word spread fast, and as my reputation grew, I began receiving calls from the neighboring island of Mustique.  Mustique is a private island and is a well-known getaway for the ultra wealthy and the world’s top celebrities.  One of those calls was from the owners of the Premier League team, Chelsea FB Club. Thereafter, I was in constant demands and began to provide treatments on board the world’s largest mega yachts.  

My clients are heads of state, award winning musicians, artists, royal families, owners of professional teams, and some of the top athletes in the world.

My passion and love is in therapy and healing.  It is my world and I will pursue this passion in order to help heal those souls that are in need.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With the Highest Love and Deepest Gratitude.