Get To Know What My Clients Say About My Work

Dani was the personal therapist to the owner of Motor Yacht Lady S. Dani flew with the owner to their residences worldwide. She is a specialist in body treatments and has extensive training and experience in lymphatic drainage, deep tissue and myo-fascial release therapy. Dani received nothing but glowing reviews during her time with us, both for her techniques and positive and upbeat personality.

Motor Yacht 'Lady S'

Captain John King

Dani was employed full time with the Chernuchkin family from 2011-2012. Dani performed her role at such a high standard, that we asked her to stay ashore and travel with us.

Vladimir Chernukhin

Former Russian Deputy Finance Minister

Dani came highly recommended by a friend and I flew her in to work with me as a lymphatic specialist. We sailed between Capri and Monaco. Her therapy is outstanding and if I had a choice, Dani would travel with me. I do hope to see you very soon. Thank-you

Gina Rinehart

Chairman, Hancock Prospecting

We Love you and believe you are the best for us!

Robert Griffin III

Football quarterback

Danielle Mansfield is not only a highly skilled masseuse, she also has skills that transcend high level skills in this area and bring them to a medically high level. As a 35 year professional musician I can attest to her giftedness in this field. She is the best, I only wish I was in the vicinity where I could avail myself of her skills presently.

Paul Peabody

Grammy Award Winning Violinist

I have had the pleasure of working with Danielle on a number of occasions in and on Private yachts and residences in various parts of the world. I was also extremely fortunate that she was on board when I tore my hamstring in a work related injury, whilst on anchor in a remote part of the Bahamas, as she was able to treat me and expedite my recovery. I know first hand that the various employers that we have had in common have had nothing but praise for Danielle’s therapies. Her passion for her work and her incredible knowledge of the anatomy of the human body is apparent in her treatments. She always conducts herself in a professional manner and is usually a favourite with the guests on board. Danielle is au fait with the demands and stresses associated with working for high profile clients and takes every situation comfortably in her stride.

Alix Verrips

Personal Chef for High Profile private famiy

I had been feeling the tightness in my entire body as training for 4 to 5 hour daily treks were taking their tole on me. I could not bend down without feeling tightness, pain, resistance and fatigue, feeling twice my age. My yoga guru referred me immediately to this bodywork specialist on the island we were visiting, if she could find her for a few sessions. I was extremely fortunate and it was the highlight of my 5 week trip:) All I can say is I wish I could clone her to save all the athletes out there, tight from training, over training or just aging. She is absolutely unique in her knowledge of the muscle layers in need, caring, precise in her therapy, generous in her spirit, gifted with an amazing Aura of loving concern, Quiet in her work with hands that feel & ears that listen and a smile that glistens. I am able to bend down again, train again, travel again. Danielle thank you so much for those sessions in The Grenadines. God Bless you. I wish you had a base in North America.

Alex Chaya

Real Estate Broker, Royal LePage Heritage, Real Estate Agency

Dani is a very experienced therapist. The lymphatic massages I received during an illness aided my recovery. She really helped me during a difficult time.

Beverly Neely

Danielle is a world class massage therapist and healer. She has all the advanced technical training in her field as well as a special healing touch and spirit. I highly recommend Danielle to all of those who are used to the best. You will not be disappointed.

Charlotte and Jim Robertson

Danielle is a world top therapist. I have personally worked with her and her knowledge of the anatomy and skill set of bodywork is at medical level. Not only is Danielle’s bodywork specifically tailored, her attitude and passion for her work is given with so much love that she works at much deeper levels both physically and mentally. I highly recommend her.

Samantha Saunders

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer, Samidesigns